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Single Dog Registration

Single dog registration is for dogs who have not been registered with BBA previously. This includes dogs recently brought into the United States or dogs that have been registered with other recognized registries within the United States The purpose of the type of registration is to provide the foundation for litter registration, pedigree searches, and to maintain a way to identify the Bolognese that are currently in the US. An official certificate of registration is sent to the owner. The BBA follows the same criteria used by AKC for registering dogs from a foreign registry.

Criteria for single dog registration

Registration documentation must show the owner of the Bolognese to be the person applying for registration with the BBA. A three generation pedigree from a recognized registry must accompany the registration form. This registration should not be used for puppies or dogs that were purchased from litters registered in BBA. Your breeder (litter owner) will provide you with a puppy registration paper to send into BBA for registry.

Recognized registries include

AKC Foundation Stock (AKC FSS)

United Kennel Club (UKC)

American Rare Breed Ass.  (ARBA)

Bolognese of America (BCA)

American Bolognese Club (ABC)

World Canine Ass. (FCI) … include pedigrees from various countries who are affiliated with FCI.

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Litter Registration Form 

 Litter registrations are to maintain records of litters that are born in the US and Canada.  Each puppy in the litter is issued a certificate that entitles the owner to register their puppy with the BBA.

Criteria for Litter Registrations

The sire and the dam must be registered with BBA OR The sire and dam must be registered with Foundation Stock of AKC. If dam was leased, or ownership of dam changed while in whelp, complete a transfer of ownership form before registering litter



 BBA Membership Application

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BBA and helping to support the growth and development of the breed feel free to print a copy of this form and send to the BBA.


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